In the last few days, the mice have received a mysterious envelope from a brand new partner “Olala Boutique”.

The girls were intrigued, what could this envelope contain? It’s their latest novelty: “The Treasure Hunt”, I will of course introduce you to this concept.

First of all, do you know “Olala Boutique”?

For those who don’t know them, I’ll introduce them to you and then I’ll tell you all about this novelty.

Olala Boutique is a manufacturer of childcare articles, their products are at most Olala Boutiqueproaches the needs of children, because they are above all thought by parents and their experiences to make our lives easier and before any marketing of products no less than 18 mothers give their approval.

Olala Boutique


And yes at Olala Boutique we don’t joke about quality, design and manufacturing, the concept has to be perfect, what could be better for our cherubs.

The products are sold in more than 15 countries and can be found in 400 points of sale in France.

You have surely already seen one of their magnificent night lights in the shape of a rabbit or an owl, in solo or trio version, go and see the site you will crack …

You’ve probably already seen one of their beautiful night lights in the shape of a rabbit or an owl, in solo or trio version, check out the site you’ll crack …

Olala BoutiqueLet take a look at what’s new, the “treasure hunt” concept, it’s a mix of creativity, adventure, imagination and gourmet delights. In our envelope, we discovered a folder containing 10 invitations and instructions to obtain downloadable and printable files to carry out our hunt. Olala Boutique

So we jumped on the pc and went to their dedicated website “Little Big Quest”.





And there, we discovered different themes depending on the age group of the children.

To organize:

a birthday party,
a sleepover,

it’s the solution, this hunt can be done indoors as well as outdoors and is designed for children from 4 to 12 years old, we have the invitations, all we have to do is choose our theme.

We made the curious and looked at all the themes:

For the 4-6 year olds, there are 2 themes:

The Magic MushroomOlala Boutique
The lost crystal
For 6-8 year olds, 3 possible themes:

Celestebane, guardian of water and nature
Chloe the giraffe
Erwoin the penguin
For 8-10 year olds, 3 themes as well:

John a Top Secret Spy
Jules the privateer
The lost score
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And finally, two themes for 10-12 year-olds…

Anna the witch
Louis XIV the lost medallion
Depending on the age group, the activities are of course adapted according to the level of reading, writing and motor skills in particular.

Let’s discover together the Chloé the Giraffe treasure hunt!

Olala BoutiqueWe therefore opted for the 6-8 year old age group and after negotiations, Chloe the Giraffe came in first place.

So I created my account on the site, selected the theme and filled in the code I received in the basket.

Immediately, I received in my mailbox a PDF file to download and print.

Well, I do not have a color ink cartridge, so I printed in black and white, it also works I reassure you.

So we have 20 pages of instructions, activities and tips to complete our treasure hunt.

Chloe the giraffe has turned pink and is making bubbles with her nose, we will have toOlala Boutique find throughout our quest, to help the zoo vet, the ingredients for the magic potion that will be the cure for Chloe.

The printed booklet first tells us what materials we will need such as pencils, scissors … But also the ingredients, as I told you before, there are some delicacies…

Then, he explains us the course of the hunt with to start reading with the children the letter from the zoo informing us of the storm that is coming down on the zoo because of Chloé’s disease which can spread, the great wizard of the village gives the veterinarian a recipe for a healing cake and asks us for help.

To make this cake, games will allow the children to discover the list of ingredients and then the recipe…

Olala BoutiqueIt’s gone, 1st game, the dance of the animals, this is a craft activity, we cut out the printed patterns, we colour and assemble, at the end of this activity, the children receive a 1st clue, a card where the adult notes a clue to find an element of the recipe, so the children must look for the hiding place indoors or outdoors.

Then, a more sportive activity, a relay race with obstacles and a ball or an egg in a spoon that must of course not be dropped and the first team that arrives wins. Get it 2ᵉ hint, you’re on your way.

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