Fear of the dark

Fear of the dark

Far from simple nightlights: a luminous path

Fear of the dark is a very common fear among children. Indeed, 45% of children cannot fall asleep at night because of the darkness. In reality, it is usually not a fear of the dark itself, but rather a fear of the possible/imagined dangers that the dark could hide or a fear of being blind in children. This is why a certain degree of fear of the dark is naturally observed in children, especially during their developmental phase.
The reason why children are more vigilant in the dark is that it deprives them of all reference points. According to psychoanalyst Paul Denis, “they find themselves face to face”, and it is in this same situation that internal conflicts emerge in them. In children, these internal conflicts are often symbolized by “the monster” or “the aggressor” who actually fill the anguishing void in which darkness emerges and allows them to no longer “be alone”. Thus, fear of the dark is characterized by a lack of reference points.

However, there are many ways to overcome the fear of the dark and to help the child acclimatize to the dark.
As psychoanalyst Paul Denis suggests: “Don’t be ashamed to use a night light at night”. Indeed, the use of a night light can reduce the child’s fear of the dark, which is then only partially immersed in total darkness. They see the nightlight as a marker that allows them to find their marks in the dark. But the night-light is also a way to distract him and thus remove his fear of the dark.

Certified and usable from birth, they contribute to the creation of a positive atmosphere for the child who falls asleep in the dark. The size of the night light, which can be held like a cuddly toy by a small hand, familiarises the child even more with the world of night.

To help your children overcome their fear of the dark

Sold by trio, our nightlights Leo, Léni and Lila form the first luminous path in the world. Olala has created its nightlights by adapting them as well as possible to children’s use. The installation of several nightlights in the child’s environment allows him to move serenely at night to go to the bathroom or to find the comforting arms of his parents who then no longer have to move to him. Moreover, from the moment the child is born, the nightlights allow parents to watch over the child without having to turn on the light, making Olala the solution to bring your children out of the darkness.
“Simple measures will help him overcome his fear of the dark: a night light, the door ajar on the lit colour and a good, soft and protective bear are usually enough” (Marcel Rufo).

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