Maman Cat

Maman Cat

I met the shop’s founder at an open house. He introduced me to the products and I fell in love with the 3 little rabbits!

My two kittens don’t fall asleep without a night light and a little soft music, so I was delighted to discover these new products! P’tit chaton had the chance to receive the 3 cute little rabbits! The flagship product of the brand! A trio of light!
These 3 little rabbits are named Léo, Léni, and Lila.

These 3 little rabbits comfort your child at all times while he sleeps and gives him a smile. Wireless, the 3 nightlights can be placed ideally in the bedroom, the corridor, the toilet…to form a luminous path for the children.


The 3 nightlights have LED lighting, they do not heat up, and work without cords or batteries. They are recharged by the simple contact of the base (induction recharging for 3 hours) and have an autonomy of about 12 hours for each rabbit (a complete night).

The diffused light is soft and soothing to fall asleep serenely. The nightlights are small and light, the ideal size, and adapted to children’s small hands.

Article writing by Maman Cat

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