Olala, a family of rabbits invades our house every night…

Olala, a family of rabbits invades our house every night…

For the last few days, we have been witnessing a strange ride every night at home: a family of little rabbits makes itself at home in each of our rooms… There are three of them and they settle down very quietly as if they had always lived there. And the worst thing is that we’re all delighted to have them with us!

Léni, Lila, and Léo are “so cute”, as I like to say to anyone who wants to hear it since we adopted them!

Don’t you believe me? Then take a look at the following pictures and we’ll talk about it later!

What’s up? A first hot opinion?

Actually, as you can see, this family of rabbits is a family of nightlights. Mommy Dearest thought the idea was great when Greg, the founder and manager of the Olala Boutique company, which produces this article (and two others I’ll tell you about soon), offered to test it at home.

Firstly because she likes the idea of this very young company, founded in May 2014 by a couple of parents who “wanted to create accessories they had been looking for for their children, but couldn’t find them in the shops”. It’s true that it often happens to look for something and not be able to find exactly what you want. So, if it’s a mom and dad who create the products, we can think that it’s going to be great, especially since “each product is designed by a group of 18 moms to be as close as possible to the needs of the parents,” Greg said to him when they discussed together.

Right from the start, we liked the idea of three small nightlights instead of one big one: this way we can distribute the light in several corners of the room or even in different rooms. That’s what’s happening at home since I assigned myself Léni and decided that Petit Curieux would have Léo and Papa Poule and Maman Chérie, Lila.

As a result, every night, each one leaves with his little rabbit, which diffuses a very soft light, in his room.

Editing and writing by Parole de Bébé

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