Hugo, Nina & Lili

Olala Boutique expands its range with new nomadic night lights with USB charging. The 3 little rabbits Hugo, Nina and Lili comfort your child at any time during his sleep and give him the smile to go to sleep. Wireless, 3 night lights are ideally placed in the bedroom, hallway, toilet … to form a shining path for children. Hugo, Nina and Lili accompany children from birth by reassuring them throughout the night thanks to their autonomy of 10 hours. The nightlight is recharged using a USB cable.

The little extras of OLALA Boutique nightlights

Light path

3 nightlights that guide your child in the dark

Long-lasting nightlight

One night of autonomy for 3 hours of charging

Nomadic nightlight

Can be taken anywhere and at any time

Safe nightlight

Induction technology that does not heat up

Small and light

Suitable for the hands of the smallest children - from 3 months

French concept

Designed by parents for their children


To know more

Small and light, adapted to small children’s hands, “Hugo, Nina and Lili” are the ideal companions for sweet dreams. Charge 5 hours with the supplied USB cable is all they need to illuminate all night. The night lights are safe for children because they are made from suitable materials and its LED lighting does not heat up.

In the same family, we have Lou in USB solo version.

All products of the Olala Boutique brand are tested by independent laboratories. The standards confirm that tests, controls, and trials, which ensure conformity of the product, with the requirements of the essential product defined in the relevant directives have been achieved.

More information

Additional information

Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 10 cm

0 – +99 years


10 Hours, Timer : 15 minutes


1 Watt (not heating)


5 Hours – On/Off button – Works with a USB Cable (supplied)

Supplied with

3 Night Lights, 1 USB Cable, Instructions for use, Packaging


1 Year


Olala Boutique

The concept of the luminous path

What is the first luminous path for children?

A luminous path is by definition a path illuminated by lights.

Placed in the child’s frame, the luminous path is materialized by night lights. They will allow the child to orientate himself and to move around independently on short routes. 
For example, the journey between the child’s room and the bathroom, or the parents’ room.

Born from their child’s fear of the dark, the parents, founders of Olala Boutique, sought a way to reassure their child but also to make him more autonomous.

This is how our three little rabbits, now known as Léo, Léni and Lila, came into being.
These three little rabbits, adapted to children, by their size, but also their lighting (1 watt LED) allow the child to sleep while feeling safe.

It is a remedy for the third most common fear of children, the fear of the dark.
In addition, being induction powered, they are easy to recharge, safe and fun for children to use.