What is the first light path?
peaceful and safe night lights for children

What is the first light path?

What is the first light path ? 

By definition the light path is an illuminated path created by lights. Our nightlights allow kids to find their bearings, become autonomous and feel safe.

For example : from their bedroom to the bathroom or their parent’s bedroom.

Born from a fear of darkness, the Olala’s founders (also parents), found a different way to reassure their kids as well as helping them becoming autonomous. This is how our three bunnies were born, known as Léo, Léni and Lila.

The  bunnies are made for kids : by their size, but also their lightning (1watt LED). Kids can now feel safe whilst sleeping.

We provide a solution to the 3rd most common kid’s fear : darkness.We are working with induction systems that allows easy recharging, security and a safe environment for kids.

Trio de veilleuses à induction

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