The story of the Olala family

The story of the Olala family

The French Olala family started developing nursery products to solve the needs of their own kids Nina & Hugo. ☺️

At Olala Boutique, all products are developed by parents for their children!

Our entrepreneurial adventure began when we tried to buy a company selling nursery goods in 2014. Unfortunately, the sales from this company were going down and we decided to leave it to create Olala Boutique.

At the time our daughter Nina was 4 years old, she was afraid of the dark like most children. She used to have a single night light in her room but was still afraid when she had to go to the toilets, for example. We had to get up every night, accompany her and calm her. It became unmanageable. 

We came up with the idea of 3 independent, nomad LED night lights to create a light path. This simple idea enabled us to leave a night light in different locations and Nina now had a friendly and reassuring path to follow during the night, when needed.

Small night lights designed for small hands, in adorably cute animal shapes that transform them into cuddly toys.

After 20 months of research and development, we came up with the first original concept of a light path made from 3 adorable rabbits.

The three lights: Léo, Léni and Lila with an induction base to charge them easily and quickly. And importantly, super easy for children to handle and recharge as well.

We tested the first sample with Nina and the test was successful. Nina stopped waking us up and started at last to sleep soundly throughout the night!

After the release of the product, customers (parents!) confirmed their interest and we started selling the all over the world.

Since then our children have grown up… and new needs are appearing.
A new idea was born as kids love to organise “treasure hunt” for birthdays or parties. We tried to write stories and come up with engaging and fun  enigmas, but it quickly turned into a lot of work!

For this reason, with the help of a brilliant writer and creative mind, we created a pack, ready to use by parents for kids, offering a treasure hunt package for children aged 4 to 12, boys and girls, indoors or outdoors, for parties with friends, birthdays, sleepovers… A catalogue of 10 treasure hunts for 2 hours of activities, games and workshops.

Coming back to night lights, we have extended our range of nightlights, with different animals (The pinguins Paul, Pia et Pierrot /The owls Côme, Charles et Camille), single night lights, colored night lights, to better meet different parents needs. We have also launched a new product, our musical star projector, with a nice design of jungle animals.  And many more ideas are coming…

To date, we have been on this incredible adventure for 6 years and we are selling our range of children products since 2016. It’s an adventure that drives us and makes us grow every day.

Thanks to you, the adventure continues! We thank you for your trust and loyalty !!!!

And we will be happy to answer all your questions on our social networks.

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