The trio of nightlights Leo, Léni and Lila from Olala Boutique

The rabbits I’m talking about are actually three little nightlights: Léo, Léni, and Lila from Olala Boutique.the light path by Olala Boutique


Some time ago, three little rabbits came into our lives. If you know me, you must suspect that they are not real rabbits. Not that I don’t like animals, but I prefer them in other people’s homes. I have enough to do with my two monsters.

Olala Boutique is a brand of children’s accessories designed to make life easier for parents. Each of their ideas is presented and validated by a group of 18 mothers.

Leo, Leni & Lila night light rabbits on their induction base


The concept is great since these nightlights are wireless and can be recharged by simply leaving them in contact with the base. Its autonomy of 12 hours is perfect. If only the children slept 12 hours a night every night!

In addition to accompanying and reassuring children when they fall asleep, they can also be used as a light path. Just spread them in a corridor, on the way to your room or the toilet for example.

Leo, Leni & Lila night lights by Olala Boutique

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