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The French creators design each product based on a situation commonly found among children by putting “Mummy and Daddy” at the centre of each project.

All our products are made in accordance with European certifications.



Olala Boutique®, manufacturer of childcare products, offers a range of items specially designed by parents and inspired by real-life situations with their children. 

Olala Boutique’s® creations are designed to make daily life easier for parents. After 20 months of research and development, Olala Boutique® is proud to present its first, practical and fun creations with restyled functions. 

French designers create each product with children’s early learning and independence foremost in their intentions. Every concept has been approved by a group of 18 mothers before its final launch. Products are manufactured in compliance with European norms and standards. 

The quality of the materials used, the care that goes into the designs and production, the durability, our respect for standards and regulations and the entertaining aspect of each object presented in attractive packaging is a part of the Olala Boutique® brand DNA. 

Today, Olala Boutique’s® products are distributed in 15 countries and are present in more than 400 points of sale  in France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Australia. The company is also listed at “Le Bon Marché”, “El Corte Ingles”, “Best Buy”, “Natures & Découvertes”, “Happy Baby” and by the worldwide distributor Mother Care. 

Our creativity is very much like a child’s: endless; and since their needs never stop evolving, Olala Boutique® accompanies with the launch of each new product.

We hope to liven up your children’s daily lives and make yours easier… L’équipe Olala Boutique®

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