Olala Boutique is us, Greg and Stéphanie .... parents of 2 children Hugo and Nina.

Olala Boutique is us, Greg and Stéphanie .... parents of 2 children Hugo and Nina.

Olala Boutique is the idea we had when our children were small. Faced with the fear of the dark, the anxiety of our children to face the darkness of our apartment, we decided to place a night light in each room to create a safe path, the idea of the light path was born. From there came many other ideas.

Today, we are manufacturers of childcare articles, and we want to offer a range of products designed by parents, inspired by situations they have encountered with their children.

Olala Boutique® creations are designed to facilitate the daily life of parents, and to accompany the awakening and autonomy of children.

Olala Boutique® presents its creations, practical and playful, with revisited functions.

We design each product with the child’s development and autonomy at the heart of our thinking.

All the concepts have been validated by a group of 18 mothers, before their final launch and in particular our unique and original concept, the luminous path! Adapted from birth, it is composed of three night lights and allows to accompany and reassure the children at night.

The products are manufactured in compliance with European standards.

Olala Boutique® is mainly distributed through independent game/toy retailers, and is now present in 25 countries, and is referenced in more than 500 points of sale, mainly in Europe, Middle East, Canada, Australia…

The luminous path has been referenced in “Natures et Découvertes”, “Le Bon Marché”, “El Corte Ingles”, and by the worldwide distribution chain Mother Care.

Our creativity is like that of children: infinite. And because their needs never stop evolving, Olala Boutique accompanies the launch of each new product.

We hope to enliven your children’s daily lives and make yours easier…

Greg and Steph, the Olala Boutique team.

Greg and Steph, the Olala Boutique team.