The lightpath path, what is it ? a reassuring concept. the practical solution.

Olala Boutique® is concerned about the quality of children’s sleep. Aware that a single nightlight is not always enough, we offer parents and children a reassuring solution: the lightpath !

It is composed of three nightlights that accompany the child during all phases of his sleep and his day:

Falling asleep

The soft LED light is not aggressive to the eyes and allows the child to have a reassuring reference point to fall asleep.

Night awakenings

The 3 night lights can be placed in a strategic place in the house. One in the bedroom, one in the hallway and one in the bathroom for example. This creates a safe and reassuring path for the child. No more lights on in the hallway.

The day

Our night lights are little animals with 3 different names. With the overflowing imagination that we know children have, these night lights can become a toy in their own right.

The lightpath in video

The night lights are safe for children because they are made of child-friendly materials and their LED lights do not heat up. It is a safe lighting solution.

Generally speaking, all toys put on the market must be made in such a way as to be safe for the children they are intended for. All Olala Boutique® brand products are tested by independent laboratories and comply with the requirements of the European directive.